Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, 11201

Revenue: $951 million

Industry: Publishing

President: Milton Henshel

Employees: 3,415

It takes a lot of printing to supply more than 6 million Jehovah's Witnesses with the materials for their ministry. One publication, Watchtower, now has an average print run of 23 million copies twice per month, an increase of 7.5 percent over last year.

"Our report for the year is different from a Wall Street company," said vice president George Couch. Indeed, the company's employees are volunteers who live and work in the Brooklyn complex.

See this report for yourself! Money, Money, Money!

And from another ex-JW:

"The Pennsylvania company has revenue of $79 million and net assets of approx $600 million. The New York company is obviously the biggie, which would explain why it's been so difficult to get hold of financials for it, without actually trying to phone them and ask for a copy. Assuming (right off the top of my head) a 10% net profit, the NY company would accumulate approx. $100 million dollars to it's net assets every year. Confirmation that we are talking about a multi-billion dollar enterprise."

The figures on the Pennsylvania company are here: More financial records

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