Being raised as a Jehovah's Witness, I was taught that we alone were the only "true Christians." Everyone else on planet earth, who does not belong to the Watchtower organization, is evil, under Satan's control and will soon be destroyed by God. (This is still taught) Pictured above are actual illustrations from a Watchtower children's book, which my mother read to me as a child! It graphically depicts God destroying all those "evil" non-Witnesses at "Armageddon." (This destruction includes: the president, school teachers, ministers, police officers and neighbors) Imagine how terrifying this can be to a child? Here are some quotes under these pictures:

"'Every kind of terror' will be used to destroy this evil world-cloud bursts, lashing rains, overflowing floods, earthquakes, giant hailstorms and a rain of fire. There will be a terror on the land, terror in the sea and terror in the air. With shocking surprise Armageddon will catch all those persons outside the New World society" (Jehovah's Witnesses)

Soul-chilling terror will spread through the masses of people so that they will lose control of themselves; they will begin killing one another...But their selfish fight to live will be all in vain. Those who escape being killed by their neighbors will be destroyed by God's heavenly armies. Christ's angels will smite all the opposers of God's kingdom and his kingdom witnesses with a terrible destruction. A flesh-eating plague will destroy many...Eaten up will be the tongues of those who scoffed and laughed at the warning of Armageddon! Eaten up will be the eyes of those who refused to see the sign of the 'time of the end'! Eaten up will be the flesh of those who would not learn that the living and true God is named Jehovah! Eaten up while they stand on their feet!" Dead bodies will be everywhere-from end to end of the earth... Ungathered, unburied, and unwept for, the bodies will be like so much fertilizer on the ground..."

"Worms will not stop swarming over the millions of bodies until the last body is eaten up. Birds and beasts also will eat their fill of human flesh until nothing is left but white bones." p. 207-210 From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained

The book goes into great detail describing how Jehovah will murder every man, woman, boy and girl on the face of the earth except good Jehovah's Witnesses. The god of the Watchtower only spares those who attend the Kingdom Hall regularly, go from door to door, and study Watchtower books.

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