The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society:
a member of the United Nations for 10 years!

So? What's wrong with that? Nothing, except Jehovah's Witness leaders, who claim to have exclusive claim to biblical truth, have taught for many years that the United Nations and its predecessor, the League of Nations, are the so-called Satanic beasts of the Apocalypse or the Revelation of John. In fact, they said this is the very "scarlet-colored wild beast" that "Babylon the Great" or the "Great Harlot" of Revelation rides. "Babylon the Great" to the Jehovah's Witnesses is the "World empire of false religion" which includes all Christian, pagan, and world religions. This theology is claimed to be directly from God Himself. The "beast" or the United Nations will turn on the "whore" and destroy all religions in the world except Jehovah's Witnesses, the only "true Christians." Listen to their descriptions of the United Nations:

"The very League of Nations and its successor, the United Nations, represent an international conspiracy against God's kingdom, which was born in the heavens in 1914 at the end of the Gentile Times. This international organization for peace and security by human means is a deceptive counterfeit for God's kingdom by his Lamb, which Jehovah's witnesses have been preaching to all the nations since the end World War I. Thus the whole scarlet-colored "wild beast" is against the heavenly Messianic kingdom."(Babylon the Great Has Fallen-God's Kingdom Rules p. 596)

Listen also to their claim to have nothing to do with this satanic organization:

"Jehovah's Christian witnesses immediately recognized that the scarlet-colored wild beast had now ascended out of the abyss. But they did not worship it any more than they had joined Babylon the Great and the worldly nations in idolizing the League of nations, the "beast" in its original form."(ibid p.585)

"Now that it has ascended out of the abyss and been out since 1945, the Bible shows that what next it will do is to go off into destruction"(ibid p. 594)

"Lovers of eternal life in God's new order of things will not join in this modern idolatry "(ibid p. 590)

Below is an illistration from a Watchtower publication showing the United Nations as the "scarlet-colored wild beast" with the great "whore" as it's rider:

If one looks into Watchtower Publications Indexes under the topic "United Nations" one will find multitudes of articles condeming the UN as being of Satan and predicting its destruction. Their affilation as an NGO (Non Government Agency) meant they were committed to the UN and it's charter. One of the criteria for membership is: "Have the commitment and means to conduct effective information programmes about UN activities by publishing newsletters, bulletins, and pamphlets; organizing conferences, seminars and round tables; and enlisting the cooperation of the media." UN NGO Criteria for Membership Was the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society going to renounce everything negative they have written about the UN and begin "information programmes" in the Watchtower magazine? Hardly. In fact they went to great lengths to keep the rank and file members of the Jehovah's Witness religion ignorant of their association with the UN. After this page and others like it were posted the Watchtower scrambled to get their name off the UN list.

After The Watchtower is exposed on their UN affiliation they quickly bail out!
Read the article in the GUARDIAN
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Some Jehovah's Witnesses have written, calling us "liars" saying that the organization would have "nothing to do with the UN. This is just another Apostate lie." Read the proof for yourself: Letter from the United Nations Regarding the Watchtower's affilation with the UN and their subsequent "termination of its association"


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more details of the UN Scandal, and the WATCH TOWER'S Bogus response!


Text of "Guardian" article:

'Hypocrite' Jehovah's Witnesses abandon secret link with UN

Stephen Bates, religious affairs correspondent

Monday October 15, 2001

The Jehovah's Witnesses have hurriedly disaffiliated from the United Nations within days of a Guardian story in which members accused the sect of hypocrisy for supporting an organisation it has repeatedly denounced privately.

After the article last Monday, the organisation's New York based hierarchy pre-empted a UN inquiry by agreeing to dissociate the Witnesses from an organisation which it holds to be the scarlet beast named in the Book of Revelation.

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, as the sect is formally known, has 6m members worldwide and 130,000 in Britain. It had been secretly affiliated to the UN as a non-governmental organisation for 10 years.

Recognised organisations are supposed to demonstrate that they share the UN's objectives, but Witnesses are instead told by elders to regard it as "a disgusting thing in the sight of God and his people" for allegedly aspiring to world tion like Babylon the Great, the beast in Revelation.

The sect does not believe in participating in government and initially strove to play down or deny the evidence of the UN's website, which lists it as one of 1,500 affiliated NGOs.

Those bringing the evidence to light were accused of apostacy. Disaffiliated members become known informally, like the rest of humanity, as "bird seed" in line with biblical prophesy of the fate of non-believers, whose corpses will be pecked bare by crows.

Within hours of the article's appearance on the Guardian website on Monday and its posting on a Jehovah's Witnesses bulletin board, more than 14,000 people across the world had read it.

By yesterday there were 353 official posts and 325 message boards discussing the article and its revelations, with Witnesses in the US demanding to see copies of the paper.


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